Menus change seasonally and can be customized for additional fees.
Carolina Bison Menu
This menu is inspired by Dr. Kings Farm in Leicester, Nc. All Bison featured on this menu was born and raised right here in Appalachia.

Rocky Mountain Oysters: Gaelic Ale Beer Battered/ Lemon Aioli/ Pepper Jelly 

Bison Lengua Tostadas: Guacamole/ Pico De Gallo/ Crema 

Elk Corn Dog: 

Bread & Butter Relish/ Honey Mustard

Elk & Bison Chili: Medium Heat/ Diced Vidalia/ Creme Fraiche

Bison Chuck Roast Stew: Sourdough Crostini 
Southwestern Bison Skirt 


Steak Salad: Iceberg/ Avocado/ Charred Corn/ Cherry Tomato/ Tortilla Strips/ Citrus Vinaigrette 

Bison/Elk/Watusi Burger: Choice of Protein/ Brioche Bun/ Raw Cheddar/ Caramelized Onions/ Heirloom Tomato/ Frisée/ Garlic Aioli/ House Salad 

Bone-In Bison Ribeye: Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms/ Horseradish Mashed Potatoes/ Grilled Asparagus/ Compound Butter

Bison Filet Mignon: Caramelized Broccoli Flourets/ Duchess Potatoes/ Pan Rendered Au Jus 

Bison Osso Bucco: Pan Fried Polenta Cake/ Braised Greens/ Southern Chow Chow/ Fresh Herbs 

Mousse au Chocolat: Whipped Cream/ Strawberry Dust 

Buttermilk Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Sauce/ Vanilla Ice Cream 

Family Traditions Menu
Inspired by family favorites that have been passed down for generations.

Green Bean Casserole: Peppered Bacon/ French Fried Onions/ Button Mushrooms/ Jack Cheese

Great Grandma’s Cabbage Rolls: Ground Pork & Beef/ Homemade Sauerkraut/ Garlic Tomato Sauce 

Green Eggs & Ham: Deviled Eggs/ Avocado Filling/ Prosciutto 

Curried Vegetable Soup: Rainbow Carrots/ Golden Potatoes/ Parsnips/ Warming Spices 

Chuck Roast Stew: Carrots/ Red Potatoes/ Peas 

Waldorf Salad: Romaine/ Red Grapes/ Local Jonathon Prince Apples/ Toasted Walnuts/ Pecans 

Grandma’s Three Bean Salad: Arugula/ Navy, Kidney & Green Beans/ Pickled Red Onion/ Roasted Red Peppers/ Sweet Apple Glaze

Spanish Pork Chops: Banana Peppers/ Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce/ Carolina Gold Rice Perloo 

Pan Fried Cubed Steak: Whole Grain Mustard Breading/ Twice Baked Potatoes/ Onion Gravy/ Honey Glazed Carrots 

Chicken N’ Dumplins: Pastured Raised Chicken/ Fluffy Dumplings/ Creamy Herbed Broth

Brown Buttered Salmon: 5 oz Filet/ Creamed Spinach/ White Wine Gnocchi 

Monkey Bread: Cinnamon Sugar/ Buttered Biscuit Dough

Acorn Squash Pie: Flaky Buttery Crust/ Candied Pumpkin Seeds 

Additional Menu Information

Menus can be customized and tailored specifically for any event. 


Ingredients are seasonal and set menus change with the seasons. 


The two menus above are samples of some of my set menus. Please reach out if you'd like additional menu examples or more information.